NFL Game Pass

UnoTelly is the quarterback that is going to pass you the secrets to get the most out of NFL Game Pass no matter where you are. Are you ready to rush the end zone?

NFL Game Pass is a subscription that lets you stream every game, including the Super Bowl. It is available on PC, MAC, iOS, Android, Xbox One and Xbox 360. But here is the deal. Not all NFL Game Pass subscriptions are created equal.

US subscribers are not given access to games live. They can only stream the games through replay. But who wants to watch the game after it’s over?!? Don’t risk the spoilers – watch it live! The Game Pass in Canada has blackouts. The International Game Pass available gives you access to all the live games. But which one has the best price?

Watch every game live by subscribing to the Brazilian NFL Game Pass. You be able to watch all Season, Playoff and Super Bowl games live. You also save up to $40 USD compared to the International Game Pass in other currencies. Using UnoTelly to purchase an Brazilian NFL Game Pass subscription, you will get all the games at the best price. We offer a free 8-day trial for users who want to try using UnoTelly to access Brazil’s NFL Game Pass.

Prices in USD (converted from Brazilian Real at exchange rate of $0.27)

Plan Description Price
Season Plus Watch every Preseason + Regular Season game and get replays of all 2015 NFL Playoff games - Including Super Bowl 50. $162.32
Or 4 payments @ $49.23/mo
Season Watch every Preseason + Regular Season game. $105.11
Or 4 payments @ $33.26/mo
Follow Your Team Choose your favorite team and watch all of their Preseason + Regular Season games live. $81.16

How to Get Brazilian NFL Game Pass

Step 1: Change your UnoTelly Dynamo region to Brazil for the NFL Game Pass.

Step 2: Go to, choose the plan you want and subscribe. You can use your local credit card and real billing address to pay. To make sure that you are on the Brazilian Real Game Pass page, check for the currency on the top right of your screen.

Australia Currency

Step 3: Once you are registered, you can sign in, hit the blue Launch button and enjoy Football!

Now that’s what I call a touchdown.

Please Note: 

  • If you already have the International Gamepass, you can use the Australia, Belgium, or Brazil dynamo options to stream all the games without geoblocks. 
  • Domestic Gamepass, i.e the US Gamepass, cannot be used to stream international Gamepass as far as we know. International Gamepass account cannot be used for the Domestic Gamepass either.