Important update for OpenVPN users

We are happy to let you know that UnoTelly's OpenVPN servers have been upgraded for better security. As a result, new OpenVPN Config files are available for download. 

The old servers will be phased out by the end of this month. 

If you are using OpenVPN config files that were downloaded prior to February 2016, please visit the link below to download the new files. 

Click here to download new OpenVPN Config Files. 

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Just to check: the page with the ovpn files is dated July 2015. Is this ok or are the new files still to be uploaded? Thanks. Love the service btw.

Sorry about the confusion. The article text itself hasn't been updated so the last updated date was incorrect. If you downloaded the files after January 2016, you have the latest ones. I updated the article so the new date shows. Thanks for letting us know.

excellent. thanks.  :-)