Xbox Live requires a valid US/UK IP to download certain apps, but our UnoDNS does not change your IP; so using our UnoDNS will result in an error message.

Use a VPN, or our UnoVPN service to help you download the apps.

1. Setup VPN sharing to your Xbox 360.

2. Connect to the VPN and make sure the Xbox 360 can access the internet. 

3. Login to your UK/US Xbox Live account as per

4. Go to the market place and download your preferred apps.

How to get UnoVPN?
1. UnoDNS Gold - it's part of the service package

2. UnoDNS Premium - you can upgrade to the Gold package: Gold Upgrade or our 3 day UnoVPN trial 

3. Free/Trial members - You can try our 3-day UnoVPN trial 

Why UnoVPN?
The UnoVPN will not only allow you to download the apps, but it will also work under a 3G /4G, public Wi-Fi, or hotel internet connection and connect you to any US/UK websites.

If you need assistance with the VPN set up, or sharing the connection to your TV devices, please refer to our tutorials: