Is the 'Setup Incomplete' message appearing in Quickstart regardless of what DNS servers you choose even if approved websites work?

Are you getting the following response for the NSLookup test but still get Setup Incomplete?

    Are you getting various messages on Quickstart such as Account Expired or Setup Incomplete when everything is setup correctly and you have a valid account?


      If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then your Internet Connection is being filtered via transparent proxies, parental controls, or via restricted routing methods.

      This is a common issue in countries where the Internet is censored at the ISP level, or if the ISP is using special routing methods such as pools of IP addresses or different IP for each HTTP request. Most Singapore ISP’s such as Singtel and Starhub are known to employ such features that break full third-party SmartDNS support.



      In short, if you are experiencing any of these behaviors, UnoDNS is not fully supported by your current network. While it may still work, not all websites are guaranteed to work with UnoDNS in these situations.

      The only way to check to see if it will work is by trying out the websites we currently support that you wish to access.  

      If you are happy with the websites that do work, then you are free to continue using UnoDNS. If not, then you can only access those services with our UnoVPN services. Check our UnoVPN service at What is UnoVPN? to get around these limitations!

      You could also contact your ISP to see if they are able to make an exception for UnoDNS on your Network.

      Many of our customers are able to access websites and services despite these behaviors, so be sure to try it out before dismissing us entirely.


      We are working hard on finding ways to bypass these limitations, so if you know of a method, please let us know!