Step 1:  

Access the Dynamo Setting page and change Samsung SmartHUB to US or UK depending on the app you wish to access.

Step 2:
Power on your player and wait for the Home Menu to display.
Using the right or left arrow buttons on the BD remote, move to the Smart Hub Icon and then press Enter. The player then connects to the Smart Hub server and displays the main Smart Hub menu. This may take about a minute.

 Press the Tools button on your Blu-ray remote.  

 If you are prompted to install a new Smart Hub update, press OK to install. Do not make any changes until the update has installed.
Using the top or bottom arrow buttons on the BD remote, move to Settings and then press enter.

Using the top or bottom arrow button on the BD remote, move to Reset and then press enter.

Using the number buttons on the BD remote, enter the parental rating password, if one has not been set, enter 0000.

A message window displays as Smart Hub settings are reset to default.

A second message window displays confirming the settings have been reset to default. OK is automatically highlighted, this screen is only displayed for a few seconds.

Smart Hub then restarts and a black screen displays as Smart Hub downloads.

The Samsung Service Terms and Privacy Policy Terms display individually, if you agree highlight Agree and then press enter. If Disagree is selected instead, Smart Hub will not be initialized and a message will display prompting you to select Home (exit prompt) or Return, selecting Return displays the Service Terms again and gives you another chance to review the agreements and agree.

Smart Hub will then display the main Smart Hub menu.

  • If you are missing any Apps go to Samsung Apps and reinstall.
  • If you are prompted with ‘Smart Hub needs to be updated’ but miss the prompt, reset Smart Hub again and install updates when prompted.  
  • Now you should have UK or US app on your SmartHub