UnoTelly now supports the use of Dynamic DNS services to keep your IP updated. You can use any Dynamic DNS service provider such as Dyn, No-IP, or any other provider that provides you with a hostname. 

If you are new to Dynamic DNS, we recommend the free No-Ip service. 

Step 1: 

Sign up for a free No-Ip account. Click here for instructions to sign up for No-IP. 

If you have already have a No-IP account or a hostname from other Dynamic DNS providers, skip to Step 2. 

Step 2: 

Setup your devices according to your providers instructions. 

Please contact your Dynamic DNS provider for any issues with setup or IP updates. We will not be able to troubleshoot these issues. 

Step 3: 

Login to

Step 4: 

Click on Add Hostname

Step 5: 

Type in your hostname and click on Add Hostname

If you have a paid hostname but get an error when adding it here, please open a ticket and send us a screenshot of the error. 

That's it! 

UnoTelly will check your hostname for a new IP every few minutes and keep your account upto date!