Setting up UnoDNS on the Actiontec R1000H Router

Step - 1: 
Type into a web browser address bar (also try or

Step - 2:  
Enter router username and password. 
The default username could be admin, password could be password.

Step - 3:  
Click on 'Advanced Setup' on the top side of the router page.

Step - 4:  
On the left, click on 'WAN IP' settings.

Step - 5:  
Under the DNS server field, enter two of the nearest UnoDNS server you recorded from:

Step - 6: 
Click 'Apply'. Restart the router and computers or TV devices that you are planning to use UnoDNS on.

Step - 7:  
Visit to verify that your service is active. 

If UnoDNS is correctly configured on the device, it will display "UnoDNS Setup and Account are active."