Setting up UnoDNS on Apple Time Capsule

Step - 1: 

Open 'Airport Utility' - The easiest way to do so is by searching for it in Spotlight.

Step - 2: 

Select your device from the list on the left.

Step - 3: 

Type in your password.

Step - 4: 

Select the 'Time Capsule' icon

Step - 5: 

Select the 'TCP/IP' tab.

Step - 6: 

Replace the DNS addresses with the two DNS addresses found on:

Step - 7: 

Click 'Update'.

Step - 8: 
Close the browser and restart the devices you plan to use UnoDNS with.

Step - 9: 
Visit: to verify that your service is active. 

If DNS is correctly configured on your device, Quickstart will display "UnoDNS Setup and Account are active."