*Roku Player currently DOES NOT support DNS configuration within the device.  To use Roku Player with Unotelly, you must configure the DNS settings on your router.

To configure the DNS settings on your router, refer to our guide here: http://help.unotelly.com/support/solutions/folders/29894


Setting up your Roku


Step 1: Unlink your Roku device

Login to https://owner.roku.com/Login and unlink your Roku device from your current account.


Step 2: Setting up Unotelly's DNS

Setup Unotelly's DNS onto your router. Visit http://help.unotelly.com/solution/categories/18726 to choose your Router    


To verify Unotelly's DNS has been setup correctly on your router, open up http://www.unotelly.com/quickstart2/ and check for the message "UnoDNS Setup and Account are active" on top




Step 3: Set the Dynamo option for Roku


a. Login to https://quickstart3.unotelly.com/dynamo and set the Dynamo option for "www.roku.com" to United Kingdom


b. Close and reopen your browser to clear cache. 

Step 4: Create a new Roku account.

A UK VPN is needed to sign up for the UK Roku account. 

i. Setup UK UnoVPN. You can get a free VPN trial here: http://help.unotelly.com/support/solutions/articles/60447-how-to-sign-up-for-a-3-day-unovpn-trial    

ii.. Go to owner.roku.com and register for a new account, using a new email address.


At the billing address, you need to select "United Kingdom" as the country and use a full UK address and Post Code. 


Please Note: Some users are not able to get the UK account created properly and thus causes the Roku not to activate with SmartDNS features. You MUST use a UK Roku account for UnoDNS to work. 


Step 5: Reset your Roku device

WARNING: Performing a factory reset deactivates your player and erases all of your settings.    


Disconnect your Roku device from your network. i.e. unplug the network cable or disconnect your Roku from the router. Factory reset the Roku using one of the following methods: 


Method 1:. Software factory reset: 

  1. From the Home screen, press Up to activate the Menu Bar.

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Factory Reset

  4. Select Factory Reset again

  5. Select Yes

Method 2:. Hard Reset the Roku (much more reliable) 

Using a paper clip or a similar thin firm pin, press and hold the Reset button at the back of the Roku for at least 20 seconds or until you see the Roku Welcome Screen on your TV. 



Step 6: Link your Roku device

i. Connect the Roku back to the network setup with UnoDNS.


ii. Go to https://owner.roku.com/link and link your Roku device to your new Roku account     








Now that your device is activated, visit the App Store on your Roku to get the new apps.