Step 1: Download and Setup Tunnelblick

Tunnelblick is a popular, free, open source OpenVPN client for OS X.

Tunnelblick can be downloaded here.

Installation instruction for Tunnelblick is available here

Step 2: Download the OpenVPN Config File

Click here to download the Tunnelblick OpenVPN Config Files and save it to a safe location.

Step 3: Open Tunnelblick Config File

Double-click on the “UnoTelly OpenVPN.ovpn file” you downloaded earlier. 

You can choose to install the OpenVPN configuration for all users or just your account.

Enter your Computer username and password and click “OK

Step 4: Connect to UnoTelly OpenVPN

Click on the Tunnelblick icon in your menu bar and then click on “Connect UnoTelly OpenVPN

Enter your UnoVPN Username and Password when prompted for one and click “OK”. Please note: Username and password are case sensitive.

If connection is successful, you will see the following window appear briefly.

That’s it! You are now connected to UnoTelly OpenVPN!

Please Note: Tunnelblick is a third-party software that we have tested UnoVPN on. It may or may not work for you. If you have any questions or issues installing or using Tunnelblick, please visit their website and discussion board for help.