This guide assumes you have intermediate computer knowledge because you are running DDWRT


If you own router running DDWRT(or Tomato), you can setup your Router to update your IP address automatically under a fixed schedule. This is useful if you have a dynamic IP address that changes frequently. The IP address will be updated using a cronjob by sending a HTTP request to our authentication server with your unique token.

IP address can be updated at various intervals. You can read more about Cronjob at and

Here are some examples:

*/60 * * * * root wget -qO -

Every 3 hours
* /3 * * * root wget -qO -

Every 12 hours
* /12 * * * root wget -qO -



1. Go to . Go into “Update IP” section and copy down your IP Update API. Please do not share this link to any other people.

2. Login to DDWRT

3. Go to Administration

4. Scroll down to “Cron” textbox. Enter the cron command into the textbox with the update interval of your choice.

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Apply”.

6. Done. Now your IP address should be updated automatically at the interval of your choice.