1. First you need to login to your Asus control panel, type in your browser and login with your username and password.

2. Open the WAN tab

3. Choose PPTP as WAN connection type

4. Select "Yes" for Enable WAN, Enable NAT, Enable UPnPGet the WAN IP automatically

5. Select "No" for “Connect to DNS server automatically” option and enter this IP addresses for primary and secondary DNS server: , if you wish to use OpenDNS or, for Google DNS servers.

6. Enter your UnoVPN username and password, which can be found in Quickstart Home after logging in at https://quickstart3.unotelly.com/ 

7. For PPTP options choose: MPPE 128. Leave blank the "Additional pppd options" field.

8. Enter the VPN Server address under "VPN Server" You can find the list of servers here

9. Leave blank "Host name" and "MAC address" fields.

10. Click on Apply button and reboot your router.

11. You can check if you're connected by going to https://geoiptool.com/