Step 1: Edit your Connection Settings

For Wired Connections:

Home  ->  Settings  -> Network -> Wired Connection (Ethernet) -> Edit

For Wireless Connections:

Home  ->  Settings  -> Network -> Wi-Fi Connection -> Edit

Step 2: Set DNS servers

Now change the DNS server to a UnoDNS server from

Step 3: Change LG Service Country

Change to the service country you are going to use the service from in 

Home  ->  Settings  -> General -> Location -> LG Services Country

If you do not see US or UK regions, you will not be able to download those apps. 

Step 4: Open Apps

Click  to access the Launcher and see the apps available to your TV. 

Please Note: Location privacy for LG devices with the new webOS firmware is not available if the region doesn't appear for you under "LG Services Country". It seems that webOS locks down the app selection for your device to the region the TV was bought in.