Why Sign up for No-IP? 

No-IP is a well established Dynamic DNS service that allows you to link your network with a hostname accessible from anywhere. The benefit is that many routers can be configured to keep your IP updated with No-IP without extra software. UnoTelly now allows you to use your No-IP hostname to keep your IP updated in our system. This essentially creates a seamless experience to keep your IP updated automatically. 

Step 1: 

Go to https://www.noip.com/sign-up

Step 2: 

Fill in your information. 

Chose any free hostname of your choice that's available. 

Click Free Sign Up

Step 3: 

Confirm the e-mail from No-IP to activate your account. 

Step 4: 

Download and setup an IP Update client. The preferred method is to use a router that has No-IP Updater built in. 

Please consult No-IP or your client provider for additional help with setup and use of the clients. 

Click here to download the No-IP client on your computer. (Automatic IP Update) 

Click here to download AppiDNS Lite for iOS. (Manual IP Update) 

Click here to download AppiDNS Lite for Android.  (Manual IP Update) 

Click here for more Update Client Options by No-Ip.com. 

Step 5: 

Click here for instructions to link your Hostname with UnoTelly.