Google Chromecast has hard-coded Google DNS servers and offers no way to change them. In order to for your location privacy to be protected on the Chromecast, the Google DNS requests need to be rerouted to UnoDNS servers at the router level. 

Since most routers don't have this functionality, the only way Chromecast devices will work with UnoDNS is with a router that can support static routes or other methods to block Google DNS servers. Chromecast is NOT SUPPORTED in any other way until further notice. 

Step 1: Setup UnoDNS on the router

Instructions to setup UnoDNS on the router are avialble here: 

UnoDNS on Your Router & Modem

Step 2: Block Public DNS Lookups on your router

You can find instructions for routers that support this as well as a list of routers that cannot be used for Chromecast at the link below:

Why do I need to block Public DNS Lookups?

Step 3: Factory reset your Chromecast 

How to Factory Reset your Chromecast

Having any trouble? Click here to troubleshoot! 

Disclaimer: This is an advanced tutorial meant for users comfortable setting up routers. If settings get corrupt, you always have the option of resetting the router but make sure you make note of your current settings or back them up first. The instructions and commands are provided AS IS for you to try and may or may not work depending on your actual router and the features available for you. We will try our best to help you get it up and running.