Step 1: Find your Gateway IP

On Windows


a. Press  the Windows Key AND the R Key at the same time on your keyboard. Type in cmd and press Enter.  


b. Type in or copy & paste ipconfig | findstr /i "Gateway" and press enter then write down your Default Gateway IP address.






On Mac OSX

a.In the upper right corner of your screen, where the search function is, type in Terminal and open the program.  


b.Type in or copy & paste netstat -nr | grep default and press enter then write down your Default Gateway IP address.



Step 2: Setting up UnoDNS

a. Open the app drawer and then tap on Settings app.



 b. Tap on Wifi

c. Tap on Forget Network

d.Tap on your Wifi Connection and then Tap Connect to Network

e. Enter your wifi password and then tap on Advanced Options

f. Under IP Settings, Select Static.

  • Under IP addressenter the first three group of numbers exactly the same as IP address you got in Step 1 for your Default Gateway IP. The last number can be anything form 10-250.


             For example, if your Default Gateway IP  is, an IP address that you can use is

                Please Note that you need to use Unique IP address for all your Devices. 

  • Under Gatewayenter all four group of numbers exactly the same as IP address you got in Step 1 for your Default Gateway IP.

  • Under Network Prefix length, type in 24

  • Under DNS 1 and DNS 2 field, enter the closest UnoTelly DNS servers to your location, from our global map.

  • Then tap Save

Here is an example of our settings: 

Step 3: Check Setup

Now go to Quickstart from your Android Browser and check to see if you get "Everything is Good" 

If you have any problems with getting the correct settings, please open a ticket here with your Default Gateway IP and we can help you with your settings.