Click here to use UnoHelper to easily setup UnoDNS instead.

Please note at the time of writing Windows 10 is still in development and could drastically change at any moment making these steps obsolete.

Setting up UnoDNS on Windows 10

Step - 1: 

Open your web browser and go to

Please note down the two nearest DNS addresses from your physical location.

Step - 2:

Press the Windows Key + the R Key at the same time on your keyboard. Type in control and press Enter.


Step - 3: 

Click on 'Network and Internet'.


Step - 4:

Click on 'Network and Sharing Center'.


Step - 5:

Click on 'Change Adapter Settings'.


Step - 6:

If you are using wireless internet:

Right click on 'Wi-Fi', and click on 'Properties'.


If you are using ethernet/cable connection:

Right click on 'Ethernet', and click on 'Properties'.


Step - 7:

Click on 'Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)' and click on 'Properties'.


Step - 8:

Choose 'Use the following DNS server addresses' and enter the two number you acquired from: 

Choose these number based on the closet distance to your current physical location. After entering, click 'OK' to save settings.



Step 9 - DONE!

After that, click 'OK' and close everything. Close all of your browsers to apply the settings as well. Then go to Quick Start to verify that your service is active.