On the modern versions of Windows there is something called User Access Control (UAC) that warns and prompts users when starting up certain applications that make changes to the system's settings like our own app: UnoHelper.

There exists a way in Windows to set this up so it will load at startup and without any UAC prompt.

1. Locate and launch the Windows Task Scheduler

2. Right click on TASK SCHEDULER LIBRARY and select CREATE TASK (Not "basic" task)

3. Give it a name like "UAC - UnoTelly" and select RUN WITH HIGHEST PRIVILEGES. That is the part that will make it run with administrative privileges and not prompt you with the UAC warning.

4. Switch to the TRIGGERS tab, select BEGIN TASK AT LOGON and press OK.

5. Switch to the ACTIONS tab, select START A PROGRAM and browse to the location of the UnoHelper.exe (Usually found in C:\Program Files (x86)\UnoTelly\UnoHelper\UnoHelper.exe

6. The last step is to just disable UnoHelper's built-in startup feature.