*Tutorial based on the North American Bravia model, available apps may be different depending on model.


To ensure that Unotelly service is compatible with your current network, please first test out UnoDNS on your PC/Mac,

visit quickstart.unotelly.com and check for the message "UnoDNS Setup and Account are active."

Once you have confirmed Unotelly service to be compatible, go to www.unotelly.com/unodns/global and note down the two closest DNS server to your current location.

Please Note: Access to some local apps may disappear once setup due to the way Sony TV's and their Apps work. To access local apps, you can follow this tutorial with and for Google's public DNS servers, or setup ISP settings.

Step 1 - Press the Home button on your remote

 1 - Photo Frame Mode.JPG

Step 2 - Scroll down and select Settings
2 - Settings.JPG

Step 3 - Go to Setup> Network > Network Setup
3.1 - Setup.JPGSetup > Network> Network Setup
3.2 - Network.JPGSetup > Network > Network Setup
3.3 - Network Setup.JPG

Step 4 - Select View Network Settings and Status
4.1 - View Network settings and status.JPG

Step 5 - Note down the IP Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway
Next, press the back button, or the left arrow on your remote.

Step 6 - Under Network Setup, select Set up network connection
5. - Set up network connection.JPG

Step 7 - Select Custom setup
6 - Custom.JPG

Step 8 - Select Wired Setup or WirelessSetup
7 - Wired Setup.JPG

Step 9 - Under IP Address Setting please select Manual 

Step 10 - Enter the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway from Step5

Step 11 - Select and enter two DNS servers closest to your location from http://unotelly.com/unodns/global

Step 12 - Select No for proxy
11 - Proxy No.JPG

Step 13- Apply the settings

If Network Setup is complete, press OK to proceed
If Network Setup failed, check your internet connection, change Step 7 - Network Setup to Auto, to obtain values for Step 5 and perform the setup again.
13 - Setup OK.JPG

Step 14 - Under Setup > Network, select Refresh Internet Content to receive the new apps.
Congratulation!  Your setup is now complete.  Please check with quickstart.unotelly.com to make sure your IP is updated.
14 - Refresh Internet Content.JPG