With UnoVPN you can get access to any US, UK, Canada, etc. websites or service as if you were in the country. This is because UnoVPN gives you an IP address from the country of the server you connect to. UnoVPN is included with the UnoTelly Gold package.

What is the Difference Between UnoVPN and UnoDNS?

The UnoDNS Premium package is the best choice for users who are interested in getting location protection for selected sites and services to ensure maximum speed. 

The UnoDNS Gold package includes the bonus UnoVPN feature, which is designed for users who frequently travel or access our service under networks that block DNS services (ISP with transparent proxies, hotels, wifi hotspots).   


The Benefits of UnoVPN:

  • UnoVPN securely masks your IP address to appear that you are connecting to the internet from the U.S or U.K. and provides access to U.S. or U.K based websites.
  • You can access UnoVPN under filtered networks with transparent proxies used in hotels and public hotspots as well with 3G + 4G mobile networks and satellite internet. *

The Benefits of UnoDNS:

  • UnoDNS provides a faster connection to our approved websites than proxy or VPN servers. 

  • UnoDNS is supported by a wide range of devices (i.e computers, tablets, smart TV’s, Apple TV, Roku, etc.) 

  • Once setup, you do not need to reconnect or reset the UnoDNS connection every time you want to access your websites 


Do you keep VPN logs?

We keep a minimum amount of logs to satisfy the jurisdictional requirements of our VPN server. 

We do not actively log anything else or store any logs. 

UnoTelly only logs the following information:

1. Your log in time

2. Your log out time

3. The amount of bandwidth used

Once connected to the VPN, all your traffic goes through a shared IP, so we cannot and do not track the sites you visit.

Can UnoVPN be used to download Torrents?

UnoVPN cannot be used for torrent purposes. Any users found using UnoVPN for Torrents and other Illegal P2P sharing apps will be have their service terminated without refunds.

We do not actively monitor or restrict user activity on any other server except in accordance to the local laws of the host country of the server. 

What kind of Encryption do you use for the VPN? 


  • MPPE with 128-bit key. 


  • Data: BF-CBC with 128-bit Key
  • Auth: TLS with 1024-bit Key

What if a Website or Service doesn't allow VPN? 

If a website or service chooses not to allow VPN, then you will not be able to use UnoVPN to access them. The use of VPNs can be detected by various different techniques that cannot all be avoided. 

If internet provider or network provider blocks VPN protocols or ports, then you will not be able to connect to the VPN. You may try the new OpenVPN protocol which uses the encrypted 443 port that generally works with most networks.

Do you limit or throttle VPN Speed or Bandwidth? 

UnoTelly does not limit or throttle any speed or bandwidth on either VPN or DNS. Our focus is to give you the best experience possible so all of our servers are maxed out for speeds and we constantly add new servers when loads reach above 60% - 70%. 

Why is my internet slower on VPN? 

UnoVPN does not intentionally slow down your connection. VPN by design is much slower than just using UnoDNS since VPN uses a server in between you and the content you want to access to mask your identity and give you a foreign IP. 

There are many factors that can drop your speeds beyond this such as your physical distance to the server, speed of your ISP, the VPN protocol being used, network adapters being used, throttling, etc. 

If you are experiencing any speed issues on the VPN, here are some things you can try:

a. Try using individual IPs to find the fastest server for your network. 

1. Open the Command Prompt or Terminal.

    • Windows: Press  the Windows Key AND the R Key at the same time on your keyboard. Type in cmd and press Enter.  
    • Mac OSX: In the upper right corner of your screen, where the search function is, type in Terminal and open the program.  

2. Type in: nslookup  us-pptp.unovpn.com and press enter. 

3. You will get a few IP addresses as a result, all of which are individual UnoVPN servers you can use in place of us-pptp.unovpn.com 

You can repeat the steps above for any of our other VPN servers to get the individual IPs as well. 

b. Your ISP could be throttling VPN traffic. 

This is a very common practice, especially in countries where censorship is in place. One way to work around this is by using OpenVPN instead of PPTP. OpenVPN is a little slower due to the additional encryption required, but in a throttled network it might work faster than PPTP.  

Please note that we are not able to do anything to speed up your network for VPN. We can help you get it setup and make sure you have the right settings, but beyond that there isn't much that can be done to improve VPN speeds.