You may have received this message if: 

  • Your UnoTelly subscription has expired 
  • You have a Dynamic IP address and your new IP is already associated with an existing expired account.
  • An older version of the Quickstart page is cached on your computer/device 

Please Try the Following:

Troubleshooting Step 1:

Login to Quickstart and go to My Account to verify your account expiry date

  1. If your UnoDNS subscription is expired, please open a Support Ticket in the Portal or send us an email at
  2. If your subscription is not expired yet, then proceed to Troubleshooting Step 2. 

Troubleshooting Step  2:

Your IP address likely changed and is already associated with an expired account in our system:


In this case, an IP update is all that's needed

  1. Login to Quickstart and click on Update IP
  2. Now go back to Quickstart and you should not be getting Account Expired or No Subscription. If you do, proceed to Troubleshooting Step 3. 

Troubleshooting Step 3:

Your browser cache and cookies need to be cleared:

  1. Clear your cookies and cache from your internet browser - Check out How to Clear Browser Cache 
  2. Restart your internet browser
  3. Log in to your UnoTelly account on Quickstart and click on Update IP Address.
  4. Still getting the Account Expired message in Quickstart? Please contact Support.