How to Install UnoHelper:

If you currently have UnoHelper installed, please uninstall it first before installing UnoHelper 2.0

To Uninstall Previous Version of UnoHelper:

1. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Uninstall or Change a Program

2. Search for UnoHelper, and click Uninstall

3. Follow the instructions to uninstall UnoHelper.

Step 1: 

Download and run the UnoHelper setup file. Click Here to Download UnoHelper 2.0

Step 2:

When Windows User Account Control asks you for permission, please click "Yes"

Step 3:

Follow the instructions to install UnoHelper.  

If you don't have Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5, the installer will ask you to install it.

How to Use UnoHelper:

Step 1:

UnoHelper starts automatically after setup unless you choose otherwise. 

When UnoHelper starts, you will see the User Account Control Window below, please click "Yes".

Step 2: 

Once UnoHelper opens, you will be see the Login Window. 

Type in your UnoTelly Client Portal e-mail and password and click "Log In".

Step 3: 

After logging in, you can choose which network you want to automatically update your IP address to. 

Choose your network from the list and click “Choose Network” .

Step 4: 

That’s it! 

If everything was setup properly, the big button will say "OK". 

You can now close UnoHelper by clicking on the "X". 

UnoHelper will minimize to tray and run in the background to update your IP address automatically.

Questions, Concerns, Bug Reports, Feature Requests:

Please open a ticket at and send us your questions, concerns, bug reports, and feature requests. Make sure to mention UnoHelper 2.0 in the "Question" field.