If one of the apps is not working, or the icon has disappeared ), then it could be due to the following:

Case 1: You're no longer using our Dynamo DNS


Set the Unotelly Dynamo DNS on your router, and perform a factory reset.

Case 2: this may be due to a firmware issue. 

Downgrading back to the previous firmware or upgrading to the latest version may resolve the issue. 

Please follow the link below for instructions on how to rollback your WD TV to an older firmware that worked before. 


Also test if the same app working from your computer.  

If the app is working on your computer, but not on the WDTV, please open a ticket and let us know 

Please Note: We have had reports that WD-TV devices with the Model/Part Number WDBACA0010BBK do not support certain apps despite using SmartDNS or VPN.