The steps below will guide you to cancel your subscription and turn off auto-renewal. You will not lose any time you paid for already, by setting your subscription to cancel as your account will continue to work until the expiry date has passed. 

Step 1

Click Here to go to your UnoTelly Client Dashboard area

Step 2

Click on My Account. 



Step 3

Click on Cancel Subscription.



Step 4

Select the Active Product that you would like to cancel and the Reason for Cancellation. Please add a comment as well, as we are always willing to improve our service. 

Click on Submit Cancellation Request and follow the instructions to cancel. 

Please note: If you have Gold subscription, a cancellation request is required for both DNS and VPN portions. 

Failure to cancel all active packages will result in repeated payments.

Step 5

A cancellation request will stop our processor from taking automatic credit card payments from the billing information listed in your UnoTelly account.

Step 6

Please go through the Removal Check-List to ensure you have removed Unotelly's DNS from your network.