Upgrading from Premium to Gold:

If you already have a Premium DNS and wish to upgrade to Gold+VPN,

you will only pay the price difference between both packages:

Total Upgrade Cost:

30-day Premium to 30-day Gold = $3/30-day

90-day Premium to 90-day Gold = $7/90-day

180-day Premium to 180-day Gold = $12/180-day

365-day Premium to 365-day Gold = $12/365-day

Here's how to Upgrade:

Step 1

Click on 'My Account' and then click on 'UPGRADE TO GOLD':

NOTE: You will see this button only if you have an Active Premium Subscription.

Step 2

Choose the Payment method, Credit Card.

The amount shown here will be the difference that you will have to pay to Upgrade from Premium (UnoDNS) to Gold (UnoDNS + UnoVPN):

Step 3

Fill out the Credit Card Information accordingly and Click on Start Membership.

Step 5

Done! Once you have paid, you will receive UnoVPN setup instructions immediately.