To ensure that Unotelly service is compatible with your current network, please first test out UnoDNS on your PC/Mac,

visit quickstart.unotelly.com and check for the message "UnoDNS Setup and Account are active."

Once you have confirmed Unotelly service to be compatible, go to www.unotelly.com/unodns/global and note down the two closest DNS server to your current location.

Please Note: Most European TV's cannot change country settings to USA and thus your location privacy will not be protected

If you have a webOS TV, please see this FAQ for more info: http://help.unotelly.com/support/solutions/articles/199601

The Setup

STEP 1:    

 On the main screen, go to Settings.


STEP 2:    

Go into “Network Connection”.

STEP 3:    

Click “Start Connection” and wait for the Network to connect.

STEP 4:    

Once your network is connected, click on “Other Network List”.

STEP 5:    

Click “Set Expert”.

STEP 6:    

Choose between “Wired” or “Wireless”.

STEP ( For wireless only ) :    

Click on “AP List”.

STEP ( For wireless only ):    

Enter your Wifi password.

STEP 9:    
Under DNS number, edit it and enter the closest UnoDNS number you got from www.unotelly.com/unodns/global and Hit “OK


STEP 10:  

Go back to Main settings and Click “Smart TV Setting”.

STEP 11:  

Under Change country for Premium and LG Smart World, click “Manual”.

STEP 12:  

Choose “USA” as the country.

STEP 13: