To ensure that Unotelly service is compatible with your current network, please first test out UnoDNS on your PC/Mac,

visit quickstart.unotelly.com and check for the message "UnoDNS Setup and Account are active."

Once you have confirmed Unotelly service to be compatible, go to www.unotelly.com/unodns/global and note down the two closest DNS server to your current location.

If you have completed the DNS setup on Wii U, visit the tutorial below to find out how to download apps onto your Wii U:


Step 1

From the Wii menu, click on Settings (wrench icon)

Step 2

Click on Internet

Step 3

Click on Connect to the Internet

Step 4

Select an available Wi-Fi network, 

or click on the X button to modify one of your existing network.

Step 5

Click on Change Settings

Step 6

Click on the right arrow button

Step 7

Click on DNS

Step 8

Click on Don't Auto-obtain

Step 9

Click on the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS to enter two Unotelly DNS server (closest to your location)

Refer to our global map for selection: http://unotelly.com/unodns/global 

After the two Unotelly DNS are added, click Confirm and you have completed the UnoDNS setup on Nintendo Wii U!!