Remove UnoDNS on Windows 8

Step - 1:

Open any browser and go to

Please note down the two nearest DNS addresses to your physical location.

Step - 2:

On Metro screen, move your mouse to the top right corner and click 'Search'

Step - 3:

In search box, enter “Control Panel” and open it.

Step 4 

Click on Network and Internet

Step 5

Click on Network and Sharing Center

Step 6

Click on Change adapter Settings

Step 7

i. If you are using wireless internet:

Right click on Wi-Fi, and click on Properties


ii. If you are using Ethernet/cable connection:

Right click on Ethernet, and click on Properties

Step 8

Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on Properties

Step 9

Click on "Obtain DNS Server address automatically" to clear away Unotelly's DNS


Step 10
Clear away your internet browser history and cache, and restart your computer.
Go to and check that the setup check says "UnoDNS Setup is incomplete..."