To access Amazon Kindle Fire app from a different country store, you must have a credit card in that country. Please proceed with this tutorial if you have access to the appropriate payment options.


1.  Click on Wireless.

2. Connect to your Wifi network

3. Tap on the wifi network you connected ONCE.Write down the IP address you see as circled. Click cancel.

4. Hold your finger on the Wifi network youconnected and tap on Advanced Settings.

5. Tap on the box for Use Static IP

6. Here is the important step:

a. Under IP address, enter exactly the same IPaddress you got from step 3.

b. Under Router, enter the first three group ofnumbers exactly the same as IP address. On the last digit, enter 1. Forexample, if your IP address is, your Router will be

c. Subnet Mask is

d. DNS 1, enter the nearest DNS server number you seefrom 

e. DNS 2, enter the second nearest DNS server numberyou see from 

7. Click Next. Open your Kindle browser and visit . You should see a greenbar to indicate setup success.