PPTP Server Addresses

US Server:


UK Server:


Netherlands Server :


Canada Server :


Germany Server :


Switzerland Server :


To check for your VPN credentials (username, VPN password), please log in to https://quickstart3.unotelly.com/my-account

How to get the Server IP Address

Some devices require an IP address rather than a hostname, you can use the following instructions to translate the server domains above into IPs. 

1. Open up Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac & Linux).

  • Windows: Press the Windows Key + the R Key at the same time on your keyboard. Type in cmd and press Enter. 

  • Mac OSX: In the upper right corner of your screen, where the search function is, type in Terminal and open the program. 


2. Type in: nslookup us-pptp.unovpn.com and press enter. 

3. The IPs listed under Addresses are all VPN IPs for that particular region. Different ones are often in different parts of the country. 

You can repeat the steps above with the other server addresses to get their IPs. 

Few things to Note: 

  • Please Note: US VPN cannot be used for Torrents purpose. Customers using US VPN to for downloading torrents will be banned from using UnoVPN. We currently do not have this restriction on our other VPNs. 
  • Please do not add "http://" and "/" to the server address e.g. http://us-pptp.unovpn.com/ <- this is wrong.  use only us-pptp.unovpn.com