You will need UnoVPN access and a Google account in the respective country in order to get Out-of-Country apps on your device. You can sign up for a US Google account by connecting to our US VPN or a UK Google account with the UK VPN. 

If you are a free-trial or premium member, you can upgrade to a full gold account for VPN access at the link below.

How do I upgrade from Premium to Gold? 

Or you can sign up for a 3-day trial of UnoVPN at the link below.

How to sign up for a 3-day UnoVPN Trial 

How to download Out-of-Country apps in Google Play Store

1.  Sign up for a US or UK Google Account. This step is crucial. Apps for US or UK will not show up if you don't have the respective account. 

2.  Turn on UnoVPN of the country you want the app to be in on your device. For example, if you want BBC iPlayer, turn on UK UnoVPN.

3.  Go to Settings in Android

4.  Tap on Apps

5.  Tap on Google Play Store

6.  Tap Force Stop, Clear data, and Clear cache one by one.

7.  Open Google Play Store again. 

8. Select the US or UK Google account that you have created and added to your Android Device. 

9. Now you will see Apps from a different country.

Note: This method may not work for devices such as cellphones, tablets connected via mobile networks (3G/4G) Turn off Data for Mobile Networks by going to Settings -> More... -> Mobile networks -> Uncheck Data enabled and make sure the phone is connected via Wifi before trying the steps above.