An OpenDNS Test

Some internet service providers use transparent proxies and filtering systems that interfere with UnoDNS and other alternate-DNS providers. This is more common with Public/Hotel Wifi's and 3G/4G Mobile networks. 

The following test will let you know if your network is compatible with UnoDNS or third-party SmartDNS services.

Step - 1:

Click on the link below and follow the step-by-step set up:

Or manually put these DNS to your Network settings:



Step - 2:

After completing the setup, click on the link below to check if you see the "Welcome to OpenDNS!" message:

For certain ISPs (e.g. StarHub, Singapore) they allow OpenDNS bypass, so you will see the "Welcome to OpenDNS!" message despite their transparent proxies.

Call up your ISP and check if they are using any transparent proxy or filtering services, and if they could turn it off for you or make an exception to get UnoTelly working.

*StarHub uses SafeSurf Online for their customers, which blocks UnoTelly: