Using Microsoft's freely available PortQueryUI, you can check to make sure your network is configured properly to allow VPN traffic. 

Step 1

Download PortQueryUI from 

Step 2

Open the PortQryUI file by double-clicking on it and select Unzip.

It will extract to C:\PortQryUI folder by default


Step 3

Go to C:\PortQryUI and run portqueryui.exe

Step 4

Type in for the Destination IP

Select Manual input query ports and type 1723.

Set Protocol to TCP and Press Query

Step 5

Check what it says beside TCP port 1723 (pptp service):

Step 6

If it says FILTERED or NOT LISTENING then please enable TCP port 1723 and enable PPTP pass-through on your router and device firewalls.


If it says LISTENING - Your firewall settings are correct, check password and try another UnoVPN server.