Why do I have to update my IP address?

Your IP address needs to be updated on our system so that we can identify you. 

This occurs if:

  • your IP address changed recently, 
  • you’re using UnoDNS at a different location, 
  • or if we cannot find an account associated with your current IP address.


How often do I have to update my IP address?

This really depends on your ISP. The more frequently they change the IP address, the more often you have to update it with us.


What is the quickest way to update my IP?

Sign into https://quickstart3.unotelly.com/user/network/auto_update and bookmark the IP Update API link. 

Anytime you need to update your IP, simply click on your bookmark to update it.


Is there a way to update my IP address automatically?

We currently have a few methods you can use to setup automatic IP updates so you don’t have to constantly do it manually.

For Mobile Devices: (Not automatic but a quick way)

For Windows:

For Mac:

For  Routers: