Pay Monthly vs. Advanced Prepaid Subscription

Advantages of Prepaid:

  • It is cheaper.
  • There are no service interruptions due to payment issues.
  • You won't have to keep up with invoices or renewals at the end of every month.

Advantage of Monthly Payments:

You can cancel at the end of the month and renew or upgrade to a new subscription at anytime. 
(Useful if you do not plan on using UnoTelly for 2-3 months but wish to resume afterwards). 

Pay Monthly Options:
  • 30-day Premium DNS ($4.95/mth) -  or - Gold DNS+VPN  ($7.95/mth)

Advanced Prepaid Options:
  •  90-day Premium (ave. $4.32/mth (total $12.95) - or - Gold (ave. $6.65/mth (total $19.95)
  • 180-day Premium (ave. $4.16/mth (total $24.95) - or - Gold (ave. $6.16/mth (total $36.95)
  • 365-day Premium (ave. $3.99/mth (total $47.95) - or - Gold (ave. $4.99/mth (total $59.95)