Setting Up UnoDNS for Mac OSX

Step - 1:

Open your web browser and go to:

Please record the two nearest DNS addresses from your physical location.

Note: If you wish to use our new Dynamo feature, please make sure you use Dynamo enabled DNS servers.  

Please refer to this link for more information: What is UnoDNS Dynamo?  

Step - 2:

Open 'System Preferences' and click on 'Network'.


Step - 3:
From the left panel, choose your Internet connection type and click on 'Advanced'.


Step - 4:
Click on the 'DNS' tab.


Step - 5:

Under "DNS Servers"  
1) click the " - " sign to clear all existing non-UnoTelly DNS shown in black text. Ignore the grey text.
2) click the " + " sign and enter the two DNS server addresses you recorded by visiting:



Step - 6 Done!

After that, click 'OK' and close everything. Close all of your browsers to apply the settings as well. Then go to Quick Start to verify that your service is active.