Setting Up UnoDNS for Mac OSX

Step - 1:

Open your web browser and go to:

Please record the two nearest DNS addresses from your physical location.

Step - 2:

Open 'System Preferences' and click on 'Network'.


Step - 3:
From the left panel, choose your Internet connection type and click on 'Advanced'.


Step - 4:
Click on the 'DNS' tab.


Step - 5:

Under "DNS Servers"  
1) click the " - " sign to clear all existing non-UnoTelly DNS shown in black text. Ignore the grey text.
2) click the " + " sign and enter the two DNS server addresses you recorded by visiting:



Step - 6 Done!

After that, click 'OK' and then click 'Apply' close everything. Close all of your browsers to apply the settings as well. Then go to Quick Start to verify that your service is active.