Click here if you have F-Series Samsung Device and these instructions didn't work for you. 

Step 1
: Go back to the main menu and open up Smart Hub


 OR from your remote, press the Samsung Smart Hub button


Step 2: When your TV is displaying the Smart Hub interface (shown below) press the  forward, 2, 8, 9, rewind key in sequence from your TV remote 

Please note: Some devices require you to be in the Home Screen instead of Smarthub, so if this didn't work for you here after a few tries, try it from the Home Screen.


The image shown below indicates the position of the keys you need to press.  The keys' position may vary depending on model:

samsung_remote - Copy.png

Step 3: Internet Service Location Setup will pop-up.  Change the location to United States of America and click Next

Step 4: Agree to the Terms of Service Agreement

Step 5: Click on Samsung Apps icon under Smart Hubs to download the apps onto your Samsung device.