Please note: These instructions currently only work on the F-Series TV's as pointed out by our customers. If anyone is able to find working steps for the Blu-Ray Players, send us an e-mail so we can share the knowledge with everyone else. :-)  

Step 1: Set the TV to the "TV"  source, press the source button and use the navigation pad select TV and  then click to select.

Step 2: Open the Main Menu.

Step 3: Use  the navigational pad to select the System portion of the Main Menu,  and then click to enter the sub menu.

Step 4: Setup  will  be selected by default, click to begin the setup.

    Note:  If setup is grayed out you are not on the TV source, return to Step 1.

Step 5: You  will begin the on-screen setup that you completed when you first bought  the television. Your previously entered information will be retained.

Step 6: Continue  through the on-screen setup until you arrive at the Smart  Hub Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy  page in the on-screen setup.

Step 7a: With the Smart  Hub Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy  page up on the TV press the following buttons in sequential order.



    Vol  +

    CH  ∧


Step 7b: Some TV's running an updated version of the Samsung TV firmware may need to use a different code. When accessing Smart  Hub Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy page up on the TV and press: >> 2 8 9 << (FORWARD, TWO, EIGHT, NINE, REWIND).

Step 8: The  country list will appear. Select your country from the list and then click  to continue.

Complete  the on-screen setup. You TV's country code has now been changed.

Alternate method 

contributed by one of our user Allan. Thanks!

For the F5900 BD Player:

Step 1: hold down the STOP button for 8 seconds to perform a hardware reset

Step 2: After 30 seconds, you can turn on the unit again

Step 3: You need to manually set DNS on your service, then finish the setup

Step 4: Then do the >> 2 8 9 << code to choose country.

Step 5: Then ok the smarthub agreements.  Update apps.  Done. 

Note: You can't choose country after initial choice is made!