General Router Setup Instructions for UnoDNS


STEP - 1:
Before making any changes to the router, make sure you have a working network. Test a few websites to ensure they load.

STEP - 2:
Go to your Router 'Networking settings'. The settings can be accessed by opening up an internet browser from your computer and type in the IP: or

Please consult your manual for the specific IP. The admin login credential can also be found on your router user manual.


STEP - 3:
Go to Setup and add in Unotelly's DNS to the 'Primary/Secondary/Alternative/Local DNS Server'

Please visit to see a list of DNS addresses nearest to your location.

STEP - 4:
Apply the changes and close your internet browser.

STEP - 5:
Visit to verify that your service is active. 

If DNS is configured correctly on the device, Quickstart will display as: "UnoDNS Setup and Account are active."


For Specific Router Setup Instructions Click Here to Find your Model. 

Remember to use Unotelly's DNS values, found only on